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Chantal Burchett



After yesterday's session, which made me feel incredibly much better, I felt the need to provide you with some well deserved positive feedback, hope you don't mind:

  • Couple of things I really value about you is the positive energy you display, your posture, friendly smile and your attention to detail. You never show any signs of your own struggles (even though obviously they will be there).
  • Great punctuality, always on time.
  • Sharing some minor details about yourself makes you a much more likable person and keeps sessions from being clinical in any way.
  • One of the great things I appreciate about our sessions is that you always, at any given time, seem to throw me off my game (in a positive way). Some of the comments you make, jokes you throw in, or actions taking place at the most random times make these sessions so much lighter and easier for me to process my emotions.
  • What you also do extremely well, I realised again yesterday, is making me think about things in life, about life itself and me becoming more aware of my own strengths, my struggles but also flaws/weaknesses, without you pointing these out direct.
  • You are an extremely good listener and I always find you to be on your A-game (or at least appear to be).
  • I am honestly struggling to find anything negative that I could possibly provide you constructive feedback on. I find it amazing how my mental state is so much better after each session but especially after yesterday's Zoom-session.

    Just don't change anything about our sessions or the way you operate on my behalf, despite my own issues the therapy sessions absolutely work. After our conversation from yesterday I have been thinking about some of the things I need to do to make my life a fair bit easier, as in not carrying certain burdens all by myself. I am already taking action on these on look forward to telling you about this during our next appointment.

    Tim - 09/04/2020

I highly recommend Chantal's counselling services. First off, she is professional, compassionate, open minded, and able to bring a little levity to situations as necessary. I respect her ability to see invisible scars, and I trust her insight and values. She recognised my needs were not to be coddled but to be heard and challenged when appropriate. She's been extremely adept in helping me come to better know myself and my interpersonal relationships.

With her guidance I've been able to delve deeper into understanding some of how my childhood relationship communications had impacted my (same-sex) relationship communications and she was able to key in and kindly ask me the right questions which lead to big personal insights. Her compassionate and yet no-bs style of counselling is very effective to my needs for help in growth.

Sharon - 28/02/2020

I found Chantal at a tricky time in my life where I was experiencing some huge shifts in my identity, career and mental health. 

She had a really exceptional capacity to hold space for big feelings and to very effectively help me to ground when I needed it. I also found that she was very hard to shock and very easy to build rapport with. Chantal helped me to share and start to face my deepest feelings of shame. She also assisted me in setting a trajectory towards wellness and self-acceptance.

Today I am truly flourishing in every way and I have a huge amount of gratitude for this exceptional therapist and human being. 

Karen - 07/02/2020


My partner & I have been seeing Chantal for the best part of 2 years now and have found the experience to be life changing. Chantal listens without judgment, is fair, unbiased and constructive with her feedback. She has helped us resolve deep & longstanding issues that we would not have been able to solve without her help & guidance. Whilst counselling is never a ‘lovely’ experience, we have both enjoyed spending time with Chantal and we trust her implicitly.

J.W -06/02/2020

I saw Chantal both individually and with my partner for a range of issues.  My partner and I both suffer from mental illness in varying forms and we found it difficult to connect during our relationship.  Chantal helped us create new ways of communicating with each other and allowed us a neutral space to open up and talk about our relationship in a healthy and supportive environment.  Chantal has a genuine air and a friendly approach which unfortunately can be uncommon in her field.  It's an approach that feels less clinical and more like talking through issues with a friend.  I would highly recommend Chantal to anyone seeking assistance strengthening their relationship. 

Name Withheld - 01/02/2020